Fellow Auto Restoration Fans,

Welcome to America’s most unique and therefore most affordable yet exclusive automobile restoration services provider, US Restoration. My name is David Miller and I’m the owner. I invite you to learn more about my one-of-a-kind company. Maybe we can even help you with your dream car project. That’s what we love to do.  As we say at USR, “Your Dream. Our Passion. Done RIGHT!”

I’ve been in the auto restoration business in one way or another since 1984. I’ve done it big, I've done it small, I've done it myself, I’ve been a customer, and most importantly I've owned one of the biggest and some have said the best paint and body shop in America, Trinity Restoration in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’ve just about seen it all in my time in the auto restoration business; good, bad and ugly. I know what it takes to do restoration RIGHT.  I know what the other guys are doing. I know what customers want. And I know what restoration shops aren’t doing right.

I’ve thought a lot about the way auto restoration should really be done. And the fact that no one is doing it that way, not even my own shop back in the day. For example, everyone will tell you that you can’t give customers things like WRITTEN ESTIMATES or WRITTEN WARRANTIES on restoration work. They’ll say it’s never been done and it just can’t be done. That it's impossible to give estimates and warranties on restoration work. Well, I’m here to tell that’s just not true. Frankly, the other shops are being lazy.

In fact, I wrote a book revealing the truth about auto restoration called, “BOOK & AFTER - Auto Restoration Done RIGHT!”. In it I detail how things should be and I built US Restoration and Brand New Muscle Car around those ideas.

You can read my book on auto restoration for FREE on this very website. I don't care about selling books, I want you and every potential customer in America to know the truth about auto restoration and how it should be done, RIGHT!

Please review this website and contact me directly with any questions.

I look forward to helping you restore or build your dream car.

There is a better way! Let me show you.

Thank you,

David W. Miller II