Should I expect to get a warranty on my restoration?


Look folks, It’s real simple. Why would you take your dream car project to a shop that doesn’t believe in the quality of its work enough to offer you a warranty?

Simple. You shouldn’t.

US Restoration only does restorations one way, RIGHT!  And if restorations are done right then they can and should be guaranteed, in writing.  Period, end of story.

Don’t let anyone tell you different or that it's impossible. 99% of restoration in America today is unfortunately done out of the back of a collision shop and those shops offer a warranty on all their other, non-restoration paint and body work. So why don’t they guarantee the restoration work they do on the side to fill the gaps when they’re slow? Simple, collision techs aren’t restoration techs and most don't really have the required skill set and therefore the resulting quality just isn't what it should be. And, the shops know people keep their restorations a lot longer than their late model daily driver. Shops warranty collision work “for as long as you own your car” because they know that people switch cars every couple of years on average. That means their warranty on collision work only has to last a few years more often than not. They know that. They’ve done the math. What does that say about the quality of their work? Not much.

On the other hand most restorations are someone’s dream car and they are unlikely to sell it, ever. They might own it for 10, 20 or even 30 more years. Heck, they might have already owned for 20 years before they bring it in. I’ve seen that, many times. Your average shop would never warranty their work for 20 years. Frankly, they’d tell you that was crazy and laugh you out of the building if you even asked.

The bottom line is restoration can and should come with a warranty. If it’s done RIGHT.  Unlike every other auto "restoration" shop we offer every one of our customers a WRITTEN WARRANTY on all our work.

Why? Because we only do restorations one way. The RIGHT way. And our work will last.  I even wrote a book about doing auto restoration RIGHT.  Check it out on this website.

We give a written warranty on everything we do.

Contact us about it!