Welcome to the most unique and therefore most affordable yet exclusive automobile restoration services provider in North America.

Why we're one of a kind...

FOCUSED. We only do restoration. We don't do collision or anything else. 99% of restoration in America is done out of the back of a collision shop. Collision techs are NOT restoration techs. Trust me I know. I've owned one of the nation's biggest collision shops.

PERSONAL. We schedule projects ONE at a time through our unique process.  We are small, we are focused, and your project gets our full attention from start to finish.

PREDICTABLE. We give you a WRITTEN FIXED PRICE QUOTE for everything we do in advance. Yes, you read that right. Unlike everyone else we don’t do open ended billing. You will always know your budget before we start any step in the process.

EXPERIENCED. Each project is managed by our OWNER, David Miller. Your project is his project while it's here. Your project is our business. Your satisfaction is his full-time job.

AFFORDABLE. Our labor rate is ONLY $75 per hour, which is below the national average. Plus, we charge 0% mark up on parts, supplies, and sublet work. Straight retail pricing. And again, we give you a WRITTEN QUOTE in advance. There are no surprises with us.

ACCOUNTABLE. We send you invoices, receipts, photos and updates WEEKLY. Every penny is agreed to in advance and accounted for weekly by our owner.

GUARANTEED. Unlike everyone else we give all our customers America's ONLY FOREVER WARRANTY on all our restoration work. If it’s done right, then it will last, and we guarantee our work FOREVER. Other shops will tell you it can’t be done, but that’s just not true. Fixed price quotes and written warranties can be done in auto restoration.

ACCESSIBLE. We offer FREE pick up & delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.*

We also arrange pick up and delivery anywhere in the world. We ship worldwide!

*Contact us at anytime for full details.

Let us show you a better way!